Enter the Netherlands
B2B market with a
agile trade agent.

Trade Agency is your local product representative in the Netherlands where through decades of launching, operating, and scaling brands (profitable business concepts) from the ground up.

We KNOW the shortest way to locate, communicate and demonstrate your product to your ideal prospects combined with clear predefined outcomes for our principal partner.

Market entry in the Netherlands with Trade Agency is the most Cost vs Results
effective approach for your B2B products and building sustainable business relationships in The Netherlands.

Our Services

For our partners we give our very best and do whatever it takes.

Trade Agent

A accredited trade agent who is member of the Local Trade Agent of The Netherlands member.

Digital Brand Development

What would make your business stand out from the competition?
A phenomenal customer experience where online branding
extends to offline activations that adds true value.

Creative Concepting

You have a product and want to (re)introduce it in the Dutch or South-East Asian countries?

Suppliers Service

Looking for a certain product or brand in particular?
On your behalf we will contact the supplier of your choice to get the best price and agreements possible.

Why Choose Us


From building brands and businesses from the ground up. We know what it takes to get the job done.

Strategic Creativity

How could your business stand out from the local competitors and how will we position it.

Tech Automated

Combining Technology with human workflows to provide result driven data and effective actions.

Human Connections

TA thrives on human connections and service excellence

About Trade Agency

With passion and hands-on execution in creative Brand concept-developing, we offer a one-stop market entry with light-speed implementation.
Once goals are predefined they have a
holistic edge covering positioning, and strategic exposure
from competition analysis to developing your website, and sales. and smart App integrations that resonate with your own key values. 

Client Testimonials

“A Trade agent has helped our company with the right approach entering a saturated market, which saved us a lot money.”
Allen van L
“Trade Agency has designed our corporate identity and helped us determine which markets to be present.”
Bob D.
“A creative consultant who actually knows and done what he is talking about.”
Johan G

Conceptual Branding with agile execution.

With the right tools in place, we maximize the result of your brand sales.



Staringstraat 27

2152 CW Nieuw-Vennep

The Netherlands